My Approach

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When it comes to effective therapy, one size does not fit all. I utilize a series of integrative evidence-based methods that allow me to efficiently address the needs of my clients in the present-moment. My goal is not to just reduce your distressful symptoms, but to enhance awareness of the patterns of your pain in order to create enduring positive change. I want to help you increase your connection with your true authentic self.

I believe in fostering a non-judgmental, dynamic, and playful space where we can be curious about who you are, and, most importantly, who you choose to become. Part of our work will involve concrete strategies to improve mind-body wellness. Such techniques are pulled from current mindfulness, cognitive, behavioral, and neuroscientific research. Another area of our work involves a deeper, more insight-oriented focus.

This process often requires us to feel emotions that we might rather avoid. However, together, we can lean towards painful thoughts and emotions and work through them; thus, permanently transcending them.

My approach is direct, empathic, candid, and sometimes humorous. We will explore your past and your present in terms of relationships and experiences. Often, you will become aware of parts of yourself that you did not know existed- these types of discoveries lead to a sense of integration, wholeness, and empowerment.

I conceptualize my work from a modern relational psychodynamic perspective that primarily draws from the theories of BowlbyWinnicott, Kohut, Bion, Schnarch, Ogden, and Bowen. Simply put, this means that I focus on the process of our work together, as well as what is said or left unsaid.

Psychodynamic theory operates under the principle that our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by unconscious internal conflicts. Current neuroscience reinforces this concept in suggesting that the average human brain unconsciously processes a much wider and deeper stream of information than that of the conscious mind. For the most part, this is a very good thing; Our brains have evolved to keep our conscious attention on our most fundamental need- survival. Meanwhile, the unconscious is busy absorbing, categorizing, and storing information while defending your consciousness from distracting and threatening thoughts and feelings. Unfortunately, in modern life, this may eventually lead to a host of problems, such as anger, apathy, depression, anxiety, fears, addictions, loneliness, as well as severe medical concerns. Therefore, an important aspect of our work involves bringing unconscious processes into conscious awareness. Through this process, my clients often discover a new, empowered voice and a new way to be in the world; One that is primarily based in strength, not in fear.

Therapy is extremely useful when the patterns that were once adaptive for survival start to get in the way of our ability to heal, truly live, and grow into our potential. Psychotherapy is about honoring, not shaming, these aspects of ourselves that served their purpose and that we have since outgrown. Therapy can help you find a new way to be here now. If we decide to work together, it would be my privilege to join you on your journey.

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