Individual and Couples Psychotherapy

Welcome. I am a licensed clinical psychologist in West Los Angeles, providing individual and couples therapy to adolescents and adults. I utilize an integrative approach of evidence-based psychotherapy that is tailored for each individual client. My special areas of focus include the treatment of depression, anxiety, trauma, relational difficulties, and addiction.

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Is Psychotherapy Right For You?

Most people feel distressed, confused, lost, or overwhelmed long before they enter therapy. It is a courageous act to reach out to a stranger for support, and I’m here to help guide you on your journey to uncovering your inner strengths, and identify goals based on your authentic wants and needs. I help people who want to make positive changes in their lives, but are held back by fear, stress, indecision, or old habits. I can help you not only gain awareness and insight, but learn specific strategies for managing uncomfortable thoughts, emotions, and harmful behaviors.

Through healing from past experiences and learning effective coping strategies, you have the potential to achieve greater success, develop more meaningful and healthy relationships, and create a more content and fulfilling life.

More About My Approach…

Free Phone Consultation

It takes time to choose the best therapist for you. When you’re ready, let’s talk and see if we might be a good fit. I appreciate the importance of this process, which is why I offer a free phone consultation to address any questions or concerns you may have prior to scheduling an appointment. Consider me a resource- even if we don’t end up working together. Remember, life can be much more than survival. Change is closer than you may think. Keep reaching out.

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